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You just got Loved!

Random Acts of Kindness
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Welcome - Get FREE stuff here!  If you're on this page, which is only tendered to my special customers who used the "code" to get here - it means I've hit you with a bit of love, and I hope it inspires you to share my philosophy, because I will reward you.

People who know me know that I like to have fun, spread joy, and on a whim, I often give out free stuff.  Here are two freebies available to you now:


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AND THEN YOU GET:  Set of three wooden "BAM" tokens, FREE, mailed to you or mailed randomly to a person of your choosing.  I will email you for the address for shipping.

Engraved Wooden Bookmark


You just bought something, or received a gift, that I made (that's how you got the secret QR Code).  Take a picture of yourself with the item, or the item as it's being used in your home and then post that picture on our Facebook page with your opinion of how much you love it.

AND THEN YOU GET:  Free laser-engraved wooden bookmark, mailed to you, or randomly to "BAM" someone else with a little love.

Thank you again for your interest in being part of the Pottersmith Community - Please check out the rest of my store.


There's going to be a lot of love & fun!

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